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Marketpresso Review 

Complete guide about the Product (Honest Opinon) 

Are you searching for more knowledge about Marketpresso? Please check out my honest review concerning it before selecting to examine the weaknesses and staminas of it. If you get MarketPresso from my link, you will receive special exclusive bonuses that help you make more money using it.

MarketPresso is known as the “World’s first & only Freelance & Local Business MarketPlace builder” that lets you create your own branded MarketPlace to sell your services to businesses. 

By building your own market place you can sell anything like service or product to your customer & you don’t need to pay the recurring commission to the market place.
With the help of a marketpresso builder, you can make more money than ever before by selling physical/digital or service as a product.
If you are a freelancer or product creator and depending upon other market places to sell the product then Marketpresso is the only Tool you need.

MarketPlace to sell your services to businesses.

MarketPresso Demo

What is Marketpresso?

MarketPresso is a unique online tool that can help you to develop your marketplace. No matter which field you are working in, provided that you want to sell, this is highly recommended for you.

In short, there is no limit to the criteria that you can set for your online market. You can also sell not only physical products but also services. That’s why this software is really useful for freelancers.

Besides, you are the only one who can post and sell products on your personal marketplace, so there will not be any rivals. In short, nobody is going to outperform you and take away your customers, which occur quite frequently in almost every other marketplace.

With MarketPresso,

  • Get more clients

  • Get more customers to any service that you offer

  • Crack those high-profit projects more easily

  • Build your authority as the ‘go-to’ service provider in your space.

  • Get highly paid for the services that you offer

  • Get more Recurring customers

  • Make clients trust you 

  • Dominate the bigger companies 


Get more sales & increase your profits online within minutes.

Who is it for?

  • Agency Owners

  • Freelancers

  • Marketers

  • Newbies starting fresh with selling on the internet

  • Anyone willing to make a killing online this year!


Every Business is dependent on services. The trend to outsource jobs is seeing an upward curve. That is why it has grown into a 1 trillion dollar industry.

Though the demand is huge, individuals and agencies offering these services are struggling to even get a single order, leave alone recurring orders.

Why are Freelancers & Agencies struggling?

  • People JUDGE you by the way you present yourself or your website

  • It’s hard to gain TRUST of new clients

  • You should have an amazing PORTFOLIO

  • They think of you as just another FREELANCER

  • They compare you with COMPETITORS

  • And finally, they always want to take you down on PRICE

MarketPresso offers a platform for sellers to showcase these services and helps freelancers & Agencies bag more orders. Isn’t that what Fiverr & Upwork or similar Freelancing sites are doing?

Not Really! Here is where the problem is!

Imagine you are offering graphic design services.

There are 1000’s of people who are selling the same service on Fiverr. Maybe they have better pricing and got better reviews than you!

Will you get an order??

No! Let us assume you get an order. Only because you gave a crazy low offer. You now have to

pay a 20% commission to these platforms.

What are you making in the end?


Is there a way to build a relationship with your clients and get more orders?

Naah!! You don’t get any details about your client. You have to wait until you get the next order. You don’t even get to build your list in the entire process!

With MarketPress you have,

1. Zero Competiton

2. Start with zero profit sharing

3. Build your list

It solves all the pain points that freelancers face on sites like Fiverr or Upwork!


What are the features that make MarketPresso better than a regular website or a freelancing page?

  • Instant AuthorityRuns on your domain with custom branding

  • List Multiple Service – List all services you have got to offer

  • Smart Pricing optionsPricing as per time, number of words, duration of the script, fixed price, flexible price or even set your own variable.

  • Beautifully designed Home Page – Creates the first impression

  • Category, Sub-category & Smart MenuList all your services categorically and make it look elegant.

  • High Converting Service PageImage & Video Slider, Free flow text editor to showcase your services.

  • Service PackagesProfit boosting mechanism by creating multiple packages for your service. Like Basic, Standard & Premium.

  • MessagingBuilt-in messaging system to increase conversions drastically.

  • Real-time order & notificationsInstant notifications & messages for orders & queries coming in as messages.

  • Testimonials & ReviewsShow testimonials to increase trust & boost sales. Choose what you want to show or hide.

  • Add to CartA simple yet mind-blowing feature to increase your average order value.

  • Unlimited Hosting & CName MappingRun marketplace on our super-fast servers and you can even choose to run it on your domain.

  • Payment Gateway integrationUse the payment gate of your choice. Paypal or Stripe to collect payments.

  • Custom codeCustom pop-ups with custom codes to boost conversions.

  • Badges on offersHighlight your main offers to get that extra attention + conversion.

  • Language Translation1-click language translation feature to reach a global audience.

  • Browsing HistoryRemind your visitors of the products they were interested in just like amazon.

  • Email IntegrationGrow your list and add your customers to your autoresponder

  • FAQBoost your conversion of individual services by addressing all queries as FAQ’s

  • Mobile-FriendlyAll your mobile-only customers are covered!

  • User Management & Customer ProfileA section to know your customers better and sell better.

  • Cloud-based AppNo limitation on devices. Use from anywhere, anytime!

  • Buyer RequirementLets buyers express their intent for a customized service.

MarketPresso Benefits:

1. Sell With Zero Competition

Unlike Fiverr/Upwork where there are 1000s of sellers in every niche & many of them with better reviews, here you will sell with Zero Competition.

2. Get Buyer’s Details

Not sure if I have to repeat, but you should know that “Money is in the List”. The famous marketplaces never share the buyer’s details with the sellers(you). So, in reality, you are always building their business, not your business.

Here you get to keep the list & develop relationships with your buyers.

3. Get Started With Zero % Fees – Keep 100% Profits

Fiverr/ Upwork charges you 20% fees per sale. Over here you will get started at Zero % Fees.

4. Distressed sale due to heavy competition!

Because of stiff competition, sellers are in a position to undervalue their offering and sell for an extremely low-price.

With NIL Competition on MarketPresso, you fix any price you think is right!

5. Profit-Sharing

There is not a single platform that charges less than 20% on a sale.  With MarketPresso you get started with Zero Commissions. You keep every penny you earn!

6. Limitation on Services

Other Platforms allow you to sell a maximum of 7 services. With MarketPresso, create multiple categories and sub-categories and sell as many products or services as you want.

There is so much more you can control in MarketPresso in comparison with other platforms!


Vendor:Karthik Ramani et al
Launch Date:2020-May-10
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Official Sale Page:Click Here
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
RecommendedHighly Recommended

How to build the Marketplace?

In 4 simple steps, you can build your MarketPlace!

Step 1: Customize your design to personalize the MarketPlace

Step 2: List down all your services & product details

Step 3: Assign fixed, flexible or variable pricing

Step 4: Connect payment gateway

How do we get Traffic?

Your Marketplace link should be shared with Business owners.

  • Business Finder App [Bonus] helps you scrap all necessary information about local businesses. Reach out to them and bag those orders!

  • Automatic Google Indexing – Blog feature with google indexing that grabs all the traffic from Google to your MarketPlace.

  • Smart LinkedIn FeatureComplete training + script to crack big-ticket clients via LinkedIn.

  • Revenue Rolodex Training – Training to grab free traffic from top sites.

  • FB Ads TrainingTraining by Forbes recognized Expert & Co-founder MarketPresso Saurabh Bhatnagar.

What are the different ways to profit using MarketPresso?

1. Offer Agency services on your MarketPlace & drive traffic to local businesses using the above strategies.

2. List all your Freelancing Services under one Marketplace and bag projects without competition.

3. Sell services using all the commercial license products you have collected over the years.

4. Be a middleman and find freelancers on Fiverr / upwork and get them orders through your MarketPlace.

5. Offer Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) to your clients or other freelancers using the commercial license.

The opportunities are unlimited.

Price and How To Buy It?

Let’s make a calculation: if you use the usual online marketplace such as Fiverr, it’s free to register but when you get a $1000 job, the marketplace will take 20% of it, which means $200. Still, if you give MarketPresso a try, you only have to pay $47, and no more extra fees for any jobs valued under $5000.

I believe that this sounds really amazing and it could save you tons of money. Moreover, by creating your own marketplace, you will not only maximize your profits but also build  your brand reputation and position in the long run.

Frontend : one-time – MarketPresso ($47)

  • Create online marketplace for anything you want to sell online

  • Messaging & Texting

  • Creating categories

  • Creating sub-menu

  • Payment Gateway Connect to collect payment

  • Unlimited Hosted on our servers

  • Custom Domain Setup

  • Put your own logo & branding

  • Ability to add custom code (for retargeting users)

  • Profile page for branding

  • Offer categorisation

  • Badges on offer

  • Inbuilt Checkout System

  • Languages Translation

  • Order Notification & Message Notification via Email

  • Notification system like FB on the main interface

  • User login

  • Testomonials/Reviews

  • Customise your order processing form

  • Order Info

  • Panel to show product details

  • Service Info

  • SMS Integration

  • Email Integration

  • FAQ Addition

  • Mobile Friendly

  • User Management

  • Customers Profile

  • Add To Cart

  • Calendar

  • Ability to create basic/standard/premium package

  • Adding Blog/Content for Traffic



  • Multiple Upselling ability for users

  • Recommended for you

  • Immediate Order upsell

  • Cashback reward method (Wallet)

  • Upsell feature

  • Ability to give coupons

  • Ability to give bundle deals

  • Ability to give 1+1, 2+1 giveaway deals

  • Loyalty Points

  • Upselling based on delivery time & number of words

  • Customisable Pop Ups for showing offers/etc

  • Ability to send special offer via chat

  • Unlimited Marketplaces


  • Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE

  • No Recurring

  • Freelancing Theme

  • Agency Theme

  • Local Business Theme

  • 10 DFY Marketplaces

  • 50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches

  • DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters

OTO3 –PREMIUM ($197)

  • Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)

  • Allow others to create their own marketplace using the agency login


  • Mobile App Version of the website

Marketpresso Review – Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Traffic Cloud Review!

In the above review, I give you all the information on Marketpresso and also show you how it can help you in making more money through online selling.

So now it’s your turn you need to decide Marketpresso is helpful for you or not.

At the end of the article, I highly recommend you to buy the Marketpresso tool now!!

Buy It Via This Site & Get All This Bonuses For FREE!!

Follow “3 simple steps to claim these bonuses.”

Step 1  Buy MarketPresso on my website.

Step 2  After Completing transaction, Forward the reciept to my email at dev@bforbranding.com
Step 3  You will recieve the bonuses  within 24 hours.

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Bonus#8 –The Copy-writing Checklist You Need To Follow

This copywriting checklist is all that you need to start writing converting copy starting from today.

This same checklist resulted in a revenue of $250,000 in 7 days in one of the product launches.

Bonus#9 –High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet

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