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Tap Into 40 Million ALEXA Listeners

Tap into 100 Million Alexa Users 

Let millions of Amazon Alexa users listen to your content each day on their device

Make 1-Click “Flash Briefings” 

– or audio/content snippets & promotions Alexa listeners to find in the app & engage with

No Coding Skills Needed –

You don’t need to be a coder anymore to get your content into Amazon Alexa in just minutes

Sell to Clients 

Get paid monthly by creating an Alexa channel for local clients, helping them generate new leads

Content Generation Tools Built-in –

Create daily audio updates for Alexa listeners in just seconds inside the software

55% of US Households Will Have Alexa by 2022


$10 Billion Worth of Sales Will Be Driven Through Alexa by 2020


30 Million+ People in the USA Use Some Type of Smart Speaker


Echo Dot is Amazon’s #1 Selling Product


“voice represents a new age of computing”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

“Growth numbers for voice platforms like Amazon Alexa are more impressive than the early growth numbers for mobile” 

- Mukul Devichand, BBC

“Alexa has the potential to kill Google. The future of online content is going to be 100% voice”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

The question is…

Are you going to ignore voice marketing…
or leverage it to rake in a staggering
amount of FREE buyers for your business?

Getting your content onto Amazon Alexa is equivalent to using Twitter in 2006 or Instagram 2010. There’s more opportunity available than any one business can handle!

Think of Alexa and voice-first marketing as a “land grab” for marketers equivalent to Thomas Jefferson purchasing the Louisiana territory for 3 cents per acre.

A Brief Introduction

Maybe you’ve got one in your home, but if not, it’s called Amazon Echo and when you ask it questions, it gives you answers.

In just hours from now, this little device could become your #1 source of free traffic and sales for you and your clients.

Flash briefings are short, informative pieces of recorded audio containing news, tips, advice, round ups or how to information on any topic.

Simply ask “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings” and your device will play your flash briefings while you’re waking up, having breakfast, taking a shower, or relaxing at home…without reading blogs, emails, social media or running Google searches!

What if you could create your own Flash Briefings and have new listeners (and your current audience) find them in the Alexa App?

If you have a product or service that people want, then Flash Briefings will put you in front of your dream audience, without any of the usual competition.

The best part?

In addition to educational tips you can inform your listeners about special promotions, affiliate products, daily-deals, and lead them to any webpage to build your list and make money.

But Creating and updating your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings is hard work.

It requires hundreds of steps and serious coding skills.

But not anymore.

I know a cloud based app to quickly and easily create and publish your Flash Briefings to Alexa with no coding skills needed. It’s called Skilexa

If you are interested in Skilexa, please check out my Skilexa Review for the details.

“Welcome back, I’ve got a hot tip for getting your website into Google’s local business listings today…”

“Today’s positivity challenge… you’re not allowed to say the words “I can’t.” Instead, you must replace them with “I’ll try my best” or “That sounds like a challenge.” Good luck and remember to visit our website for more tips at…”
“Here’s a great workout you can try today… it’s perfect for developing the upper abs… first, you need to grab…”
“Here’s this week’s real estate round up for New York. See what homes sold for and listen to our top tips for getting the highest asking price for your property…”

Yes, any business globally or locally can
profit easily with Flash Briefings!

Marketing agency

  • New trends in digital marketing
  • How to improve your conversion rates
  • PPC optimization tips
  • New marketing ideas for the week ahead
  • Quick case studies

Fitness website

  • Suggested workouts for the week
  • Tips on back friendly exercises
  • Round ups and reviews of the latest fitness equipment

Baby products ecommerce store

  • Tips for breastfeeding
  • News on baby development and learning
  • Round ups and reviews of the latest bibs, cribs and strollers


  • Creates several Flash Briefings for different regions in the U.S.
  • How to make the most of your landscape
  • When to fertilize tulips in the midwest
  • When to plant citrus in the south, and more.

Podcast owner

  • Share tips and snippets from your latest podcast
  • Offer evergreen advice to new listeners
  • Promote upcoming shows and more!


 Free Passive Traffic & Leads – Tap into 40 million “voice-first” Alexa listeners as they can search & find your channel via the Alexa App

 Profit from ‘Voice Autoresponders’ – Encourage your audience to subscribe to your Alexa channel to engage w/ your brand & receive promotional announcements every day on autopilot

 Create & Send ‘Flash Briefings’ to Alexa – Create educational or promotional based custom text, audio, or video content snippets for Alexa listeners to find & engage with

 Create & Send ‘Podcast Briefings’ to Alexa – Connect any Podcast RSS feed & automatically turn any podcast episode into a Flash Briefing episode that will reach thousands of new listeners on Alexa

 Schedule 30 Days in Advance – Schedule an entire months worth of Flash Briefing content for any Alexa channel in a few minutes

 Commercial Rights Included – Create daily Flash Briefings for ‘brick & mortar’ biz like daily auto news, tips, and deals for a car dealership or for online businesses like a weight-loss tips briefing for an online business that sells Paleo Diet eBook for example.

 Audio Recorder & Content Generator Built-in – Create audio or text Alexa Flash Briefings right inside the app

Skilexa Review – Overview

Vendor:Ben Murray et al
Launch Date:2019-Sep-19
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$29-$47
Official Sale Page:https://skilexajv.com

Why you should buy it right now?

Skilexa puts you and your client’s content on Amazon Alexa in front of millions of listeners in minutes easily. Skilexa is very
easy to use and if you are not a technical person still you can geteasy traffic and leads. This is a new traffic
source and completely untaped.Skilexa is loaded with many features with lots of values. You can use it and can get quality traffic and leads

Not only you are getting access to skilexa for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk.
Skilexa includes a 30-day money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Skilexa, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Whatever you do, don’t wait. The price of this is goind up with every sale.
Be fast, or you will pay a much higher price! Purchase it as soon as possible to get the lowest price.

Do Not Miss This Opportunity, You May Never get another chance!! Doors to skilexa are closing soon. Get instant access to skilexa
now before the cart closes.

Price and How To Buy It?

Skilexa has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

Frontend: Skilexa Commercial – $29.00 (SEE DETAILS)

Clients can use this cloud app to create Alexa Flash Briefings and Alexa Podcast Briefings with the ability to schedule them to Alexa in the future. It also includes the Commercial Rights to sell as a service to clients.


OTO1 – Skilexa Platinum – $49.00 (OTO1 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

With this upgraded edition of Skilexa, customers will be able to create more campaigns and more briefings. It includes the ability to schedule 100 days in advance (instead of only 30 days). It also includes advanced text-to-speech feature to convert your written text into spoken audio for Flash Briefings, DFY drag/drop landing page templates to capture Flash Briefing listeners, and even more.

OTO2 – Skilexa Agency – $99.00 (OTO2 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

With the Agency version, customers can add clients with their own login and allow them to create the briefings FOR them. They can charge any amount they like for access. This allows them now to manage multiple Amazon developer channels if the client wishes to have full control of their flash briefings and Alexa channel.


Skilexa Whitelabel 50 Licenses $139.00

Skilexa Whitelabel 100 Licenses $199.00

In a rare opportunity, users can resell Skilexa 1.0 services with agency accounts with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.

OTO4 – PlayPix Special Offer $29.00 (OTO4 LINK FOR YOUR REFERENCE ONLY)

Finally, customers can get access to the popular PlayPix software to create marketing videos alongside their Alexa services at a heavily discounted price. This drag-n-drop video creator lets anyone create studio-quality videos in minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed.




Skilexa Review – Conclusion

Thanks for reading my Skilexa Review.

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Follow “3 simple steps to claim these bonuses.”

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Step 2  After Completing transaction, Forward the reciept to my email at admin@skilexa.com

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**Special Bonuses**

Bonus 1Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed

Facebook Messenger has revolutionized how marketers can access and grow their audience.

With this step by step guide…

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Bonus 2Youtube Authority Video Upgrade

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has come a long way.

It has morphed form a website to upload amateur videos to a place where you can watch more types of content than even TV is capable of showing.

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Bonus 3Email Monetizer

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Believe it or not, people interested in whatever it is you are promoting are already congregating online.

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Bonus 7 –BIZ Landing Page Plugin

You probably have noticed that most businesses online are listed in directories such as YellowPages only… Now with one wordpress plugin you can create an all-in-one website that will pull in multiple sources and display in one place.

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Bonus 8 –Mobile Marketing Guide

If you’re looking to skyrocket sales, connect with your target audience, and send an endless surge of highly-targeted traffic to your website, you must tap into the power of mobile marketing.

Topics Covered:

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Bonus 9 –Modern Twitter Marketing

If you’re looking for a fairly automated way to build a brand online, you don’t have to look further than Twitter.

With this Ebook:

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Bonus 10 –Extreme Branding

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